The Results - Thank-you LISLE 202

An Over-Whelming Victory

70% of Voters VOTE NO

The April 2 proposition represented a pivotal moment for our community.

​If this proposition would have passed the children of Lisle would have felt the impact for the next decade.

​The proposition was soundly defeated, it lost by over-whelming numbers in each and every neighborhood within Lisle.

Lisle 202, thank you for your vote and allowing the current team at 202 to continue their great work and exemplary performance!

Citizens for Lisle Kids is the organization that was dedicated to telling the truth and making sure voters understood the damaging impact from this ill-conceived proposition. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who helped make this happen. Whether you invested 1 hour in the campaign or 100 hours, every effort made the difference.

Results Across all of Lisle 202


Results by Lisle Neighborhood


What's the Issue?

This April, a referendum is on the ballot that would devastate our schools.  This referendum would remove close to $1,200,000 per year from the district's Education budget.   To avoid financial ruin, the school district has no other choice but to develop and implement a drastic set of cuts.

This referendum has been grounded on mis-information and half-truths.  We are Citizens for Lisle Kids and we are here to set the record straight. 

People who know the schools, and most importantly know the children and young adults that attend these schools understand how special Lisle 202 is and what it means to all of Lisle.

We are encouraging all Lisle 202 voters to Protect our Kids and VOTE NO on the referendum that will slash school funding for student support & programs!