From the LISLE 202 Website After Updated Information From the County State's Attorney 

Recommendations for Service Cuts if the Referendum Passes


Based on information received from the Office of the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s on February 12, 2019, the Referendum Question on the April 2nd ballot will ask the voters to approve an approximate $1,200,000 reduction in property taxes that are used to provide programs and services to the 1,400 students in District 202.  As a result of this loss of funding, the School District will need to make decisions as to how to go forward without this revenue.  In order to align with the minimums identified in the Evidence Based Funding Model, the District anticipates making changes such as:

  • Increase in class sizes
  • Reduction in administrative positions
  • Reduction in teacher educator positions
  • Reduction in support personnel positions
  • Reduction in the number of:
    • Honors courses
    • AP courses
    • World language courses
    • Music & Arts courses
  • Elimination of 10% of Athletic and Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Reduction of 10% of Instructional Materials Budget

In Total, Reductions of ~15 Educators and Administrators

To better understand why the impact changed from $2.0MM to $1.2MM Click the following Link: Updated Information on Impact

From the District 202 Board Meeting on January 28, 2019

Recommendations for Service Cuts if the Referendum Passes

Included for reference only: This was Lisle 202's initial view on cuts when they believed the referendum impact to be $2.0MM per year


In response to the very real threat posed by the referendum, the District has begun contingency planning on what would need to be cut if the referendum passes

  • Critical Reductions Across all Levels of the District
  • General increase in class sizes
  • Significant impact in the form of reductions in advanced and specialist classes
    • Honors and Advanced Placement classes
    • Language classes
    • Music and Art
    • Career and Technical Education
  • Reduction in 10% of all Athletic and extra-curricular activities
  • Reduction of 6 Special Education Teachers and Support Professionals
  • In total, Reductions of 30+ Educators and Administrators