Library of Documents

Here you will find a wealth of information on Lisle 202, the referendum and C4LK

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Lisle 202 & School Board Information and Links

Information about recent school board meetings and useful links on the Lisle 202 website

Lisle 202 Board Information: Lisle 202 Board's Website

Board Video Archive: Video archive of all School Board meetings

Check out the 1/28/19 Regular Meeting Highlights:

  • 1:45 - Various residents voice their opposition to the referendum
  • 41 minute mark - Dr. Filipiak describes the proposed cuts in light of the referendum

Lisle 202 Website: District website

Points of Pride Newsletter: Monthly newsletter to Lisle 202 containing recent events

The New School: Information about the new state-of-the-art elementary school that was built with no increase in your tax dollars.  Make sure to check out the video of the virtual walk-through of the new building  - it's FABULOUS!!


Lisle 202 Key Documents

Important documents published by of for the Lisle 202 School District

FacilityNeeds - Capital repairs needed for the high school and the junior high

Cuts Required - Proposed program and service cuts Lisle 202 would need if the referendum passes

Why Cuts are Permanent - An extract of the Illinois law that explains why this referendum would create a permanent $1.2MM dollar a year reduction for Lisle 202

Assessment Rules - How the State of Illinois Evaluates a School District


Informational Flyers

Informational flyers related to all of the issues surrounding the referendum

We're building our Citizens for Lisle Kids Informational Flyers.  We should have them available sometime in February


Citizens for Lisle Kids (Organization and Financial Info)

State of Illinois filings for the formation of C4LK and necessary financial filings

State Board Of Elections : Illinois State Board of Elections Website C4LK Record

D-1 Statement of Organization : Initial filing information for C4LK

Form D-2 for Q1 2019 Financials : This is C4LK's Form D-2 financial statement for Q1 2019.