When we spread the word that Lisle 202 was being threatened and we needed to tell the stories of the students we were overwhelmed with the quantity of responses and the heart-felt stories. 

We have included as many as we can and we could have included countless others.

If there is one single thing to do before you vote in April it is to read the stories of the kids and their parents.  Then ask yourself, were my tax dollars well-spent and do I want to be the reason that educational opportunities will be taken away from these kids.


Kelsey - Class of 2015

Yes, I love Lisle High school because it gave me some of the best memories of my life. The opportunities that District 202 provided me whether it was: honors or AP classes, sports, academic extracurriculars, language programs, fine arts, or a myriad of other opportunities I took advantage of; District 202 has provided me with the education and maturity to feel prepared for life, college, and future career. I am currently in my last semester of undergrad where I will be completing my degree in Environmental Science, with a minor in Sustainability, and a certificate in Energy Policy. My tentative plan is to attend law school next year. I know without the experiences and opportunities that I was given during my time (K-12) at District 202 I would not be where I am today.

Jules - Class of 2018

The music program at Lisle was my rock. It helped me learn how to express myself creatively and even inspired me to become a music education major. I can’t imagine going through high school without my music.

Jon - Class of 2014

Well, for one thing I’m glad we had art because it helped me to be more creative and create things I’d never dreamed of before. As for government, it actually explained to me how this country runs, which no one had ever done before, so it’s great to have deeper insight into the workings of Washington. Finally, I think if psychology hadn’t been offered, I wouldn’t know half of the things I know today and wouldn’t have such a good grasp on my depression and anxiety, which was immensely helpful. I would absolutely not be where I am today if I hadn’t gone to LHS.

Meme - Class of 2015

I would be an entirely different person and likely a less happy one. I can’t imagine getting my education anywhere else. Faculty and staff know each student as individuals rather than numbers. It felt great to be respected, and it made me more willing and motivated to learn. My experience at Lisle High was a great. I was on the bowling team, which helped me meet lots of great people and make great friends. It help me get out of my comfort zone. It was a place that pushed me to take AP English, even though I knew I would not be that good at it. They had a trip every year called Snowball and it made me realize that you are not alone in your struggles. A lot of our classmates are going through the same thing.


I am so thankful for every opportunity that Lisle District 202 has blessed me with. I am currently living my dream serving as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Spain and I would not be here without the support system, both in and out of the classroom, that Lisle teachers, administrators and staff have given me.

Rachel - Class of 2013

My passion for language began at Lisle Junior High when I first started learning a foreign language. I was successful because of the individualized education, due to small class sizes, as well as the rigorous coursework through honors and AP classes. I also had many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, such as band, dance team, softball and many after-school clubs, guided by inspirational staff members. I gained valuable skills, such as time management, and took on several leadership roles. These activities complimented my coursework and provided me with a well-rounded education. When I started at the university level after graduation, I felt extremely prepared. I took the lessons that I learned in the Lisle School District with me and I plan to carry them with me as I will continue my education studies at the graduate level next fall.

Oliv Er - Class of 2016

The Lisle CUSD 202 schools provided me a quality education that was made possible by passionate teachers and an excellent infrastructure. The environment in the Lisle CUSD 202 schools encouraged me to get involved with a variety of extra-curricular activities. This allowed me to better understand myself and provided me a versatile skillset that has helped me succeed in my college endeavors.

Andy - Class of 2016

I believe that the Lisle School District is one of the largest factors in my success today. Having access to a top-quality education for my time in Lisle was what allowed me to not only score a 36 on the ACT but also receive prestigious honors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Lisle schools allowed me to tap into my full potential, and the fact of the matter is that they were so effective because they were so well funded. I believe every child should have the same opportunity to learn that I did, and this referendum would severely limit the school district’s ability to provide that quality education for those most in need. Lisle is a special place, so I encourage you to vote “no” on the upcoming referendum to help keep it that way.

Emily - Class of 2017

Lisle has prepared me well for life after school. AP/honors classes gave me the opportunity to not only study a subject in more depth, but learn studying skills and other academic skills that have put me far ahead in college; I feel that the AP credit I earned has saved me money and time, as well as put me ahead academically. World languages in high school has opened my eyes to new cultures and new ways of thinking, therefore making me a more tolerant and accepting person. The music and theater programs at Lisle are unmatched. I learned discipline, time management, how to work with others, and so much more than just how to play or sing notes off a page.

Bridget - Class of 2018

Lisle was an amazing experience; from being on both sides of sports and arts, lisle really has it all. The teachers in particular make it all the better, supporting us constantly and never failing to give advice with careers and life.

Ryan - Class of 2013

Attending Lisle CUSD 202 had a huge impact on my growth and maturation both as a person and as a young teacher. Through the music courses I was able to follow my passion to become a 5-12 Band Director. Without the opportunities I was given at Lisle Junior High School and Lisle High School I would not be the musician and educator that I am today. Incredible faculty, performance opportunities, and course offerings helped me do what many people cannot. Please reconsider taking away so much of what makes Lisle such a wonderful and outstanding community. Thank you.

Mya - Class of 2017

I am so beyond grateful for the experiences I had while attending District 202 schools. Even though Lisle is small, I appreciate the ability I had to participate in various extracurriculars, specifically in the arts and sports programs. When I look back at my years in high school, some of my most cherished and character-shaping moments came from these activities. The best thing about going to school in District 202 is the opportunities given to students. It was such a blessing for me to start taking foreign language classes in junior high and throughout high school, as well as completing every AP course I was interested in. Being able to take these higher-level classes allowed me to be a more competitive college applicant, and I strongly believe it is one of the main reasons why I was admitted into a top 15 university.

Jessica - Class of 2016

Lisle high school is a small institution, but it felt like a family that was always supportive. A handful of teachers are the reason I had the courage to pursue Biomedical Engineering in college. In addition to being given resources to learn, I was also surrounded by people who believed in me and pushed me to do great things. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I am so grateful for the experiences I had at Lisle.

Grace - Class of 2016

I graduated from Lisle in 2016 and have been at Augustana College ever since. I have found college to be quiet a breeze, because of the education I got in high school. I gained amazing writing skills from classes like APLC, world/environmental consciousness from classes like APUSH and APES, and language skills from Spanish classes and AP Spanish. Without these AP classes and attention from my teachers, I would not be where I am today - life after high school would have been much more difficult and I would not have found my passions.

At this point in my life, I have successfully completed an associates degree and been accepted to a competitive art program for my bachelors at a state university.  As part of my acceptance, they made it point to say how impressed they were with the preparedness I received from the art program at my high school, which I demonstrated to them through the work I had completed while a student there! I feel as though it’s easy to make a good argument about why cutting high school amenities like quantity of teachers and AP classes isn’t an ethical way to save tax money, so this is a good chance for me to use my personal experience to argue why ALL parts of this reform need to be addressed. Cutting “non-essential” classes such as Art and Music may seem insignificant, but if not for the creative opportunities I had at lisle, I wouldn’t have nearly the qualifications and experience I need to be where I am currently at, not to mention that I am pursuing a degree and career in education myself; this reform could affect me on multiple personal levels. The same can be said for every single creatively intelligent student that made a successful career of these “non-essential” skills learned at their high school. There is no monetary value that can be exchanged for the invaluable number of educational opportunities Lisle has to offer.

Skyler - Class of 2017

I went the full 13 years, kindergarten through senior, in the Lisle school system and words cannot explain the experience it gave me. The students, and even the teachers, became family by the time I left. The care and compassion this small and unique school system provides are so exceptional, it made leaving Lisle so hard knowing my time with these wonderful people was up. Now, being in college, I can fully say that they prepared me to the fullest extent for the adult world, and let’s be real, isn’t that the whole point of going to school? It is hard to explain such an extraordinary school system in such few words. To put it all together, Lisle will forever be the best time of my life and the place where my best friends and I to this day will always refer to as “the good ole days”.

Adrian - Class of 2016

To say I was blessed to receive not only the educational experience from Lisle Senior High School, but also the whole "High School Experience", would be an understatement. And what I mean by that is, I received a first-class education, one that had me fully ready for college/university. I also was able to participate in sports and activities that allowed me to feel like my school was a community. With these budget cuts, I am not exactly sure how we can maintain the educational standards and community feel of our school.

Ivana - Class of 2016

I loved being a student at Lisle. I had so many worthwhile experiences in classes, extra-curricular activities, and other school events. I would not have had these experiences without the people who make Lisle so great. The teachers, other staff, and students not only helped me get the best education possible, but also made sure I always felt appreciated! I am forever grateful for the Lisle schools and community for getting me where I am today.

Jessica - Class of 2013

Lisle provided me with the foundational skills necessary to leave home but with the comfort of knowing I had a support system to which I could return. From traveling the world with the choir to delivering a monologue in front of an audience, Lisle's fine arts program instilled in me the curiosity and confidence I have today. The advanced placement courses and high level of academics also pushed me to be a stronger student and sparked my love of education, which is why I'll be graduating soon with a masters degree

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High School Students

Alexa - Class of 2019

Living in Lisle for thirteen years has allowed me to utilize all that Lisle schools have to offer. In other small schools, I would not have been able to explore my love for athletics, academics, and service the way I was able to at LHS. Throughout high school, I was involved in Student Congress, National Honors Society, Special Olympics, and more, and took six AP classes. All these clubs and advanced classes on my resume didn’t just allow me to get into all six colleges I applied to with top scholarships, but they also helped me develop into who I am today, and helped me decide I wanted to go into nursing to continue my love for service and health sciences. Without these opportunities, future Lisle students will have no way to differentiate themselves in the college application process, and they will be thrown into higher education without the preparation they should have received in the prior years. I am forever grateful for those who have looked out for me because without the encouragement and support I have received from the staff, I would not be where I am today.

Faith - Class of 2019

My time in the Lisle school district has benefited every aspect of my life. Coming from a private school, I came into Lisle not understanding what opportunity meant and not knowing the possibilities that lay ahead. At Lisle, I was afforded opportunities to reach my full potential like I never had before. Being able to travel to any other country, taking the stage in theater every year, and studying what is most important to me have been critical experiences that have been made possible by Lisle.  An enriching curriculum, extracurriculars, and a compassionate devotion from staff at all levels has made my education one that I will forever be impacted by. I am now committed to an amazing university and ready to start a new part of my life, and I have only been able to do this because of the resources and people in the lisle school district. I don’t think that it is fair or just that I could graduate from Lisle high school having a better quality education than someone that could be in kindergarten right now. On an equally important note, this referendum would bring unemployment to many teachers across the district. Teachers are at very the heart of our education and without our teachers, we couldn’t have the best education possible. We have the ability and privilege to use our voices to protect the quality of our education at lisle. For the present and future students in our schools, we need to vote no against this referendum. 

Julian- Class of 2019

The Lisle School District, through the opportunities I was fortunate enough to experience, be it learning coding languages and industry used software in engineering courses, developing leadership skills through extracurricular groups like National Honors Society, and the ability to peruse my interests in clubs like Youth in Government and Science Olympiad, has uniquely prepared me to strive both in my future college studies and later in my career.

Jovan - Class of 2021

My brother and I grew up with 3 cousins who also live in Lisle.  Although we all live in Lisle they live in a different school district and go to Wheaton Warrenville South.  The five of us have been heavily involved in sports and activities since we were three.  We were involved in park district leagues and travel clubs.  Once my brother and I reached junior high we were able to continue all of these sports and we played soccer, football, track, and basketball for our school.  Being that my cousins went to such a large school they didn’t get the same opportunities as us and never played any sports for their school.  I believe that Lisle’s sports and activities provide me with many skills that I can not learn in a classroom.  Skills such as how to work with a team, and how to problem solve.  Lisle sports and activities have given me bonds, memories, and teamwork skills that will last a lifetime.

Nick - Class of 2019

The experiences I’ve gained through the Lisle School district are the greatest I could’ve asked for, and have prepared me for every aspect of my future. Clubs like AFS allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, and experience things I would’ve never been able to before. The faculty in every school treated us with respect and made me look forward to school; the teachers here have a genuine care and passion for their students and their career, and that passion shows in everything they do. The Lisle School District has prepared me for the challenges of life, and has given me the confidence to feel prepared for college and my future career.

Carolyn - Class of 2022

The Lisle JH helped me get ready for high school. When I was there, I took Spanish for two years. The teach I had, Ms. D, impacted me and helped me get into Spanish 2 my freshman year. This year in high school, my favorite class is Spanish. In just one year at the Senior High, many opportunities have opened up for me that I never imagined. Because of the photography class offered, I'm thinking of becoming a photographer. Overall, the Lisle schools have provided me with experiences which will help me throughout my life. This referendum will eliminate the chances for all Lisle students to get better educations and opportunities that I was so lucky to have.

Colin - Class of 2022

I am a freshman at LSH and I am very involved throughout the school. Before going to high school, I went to the Junior High for 3 years. I did choir, student council, most of the advanced classes and more. This really helped me get into the feel of high school because it was very similar. Not only the classes but the teachers also were great. Mr. M in an advanced math class, Mrs. B. who taught our class in a very fun and educational way and Mrs. K who taught me to use my voice and not be afraid to show it to the world. Overall, with these amazing teacher and new opportunities, I've been having a great year at high school so far but with the referendum, younger children will not have the same experiences as me and not as good of an education.

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K-8 Students

Bob and Sophia - Parent of Kids (K-8)

We have a son in first grade and our daughter will start Kindergarten next year. I was born and raised in Lisle and went to Lisle schools graduating in the class of 2001. My husband also attended Lisle schools beginning in 6th grade. After we started a family, we considered many of the neighboring communities to raise our kids in. We moved back to Lisle in 2016 just in time for our oldest to start Kindergarten. The Lisle School District was about 90% of our deciding factor to move back to Lisle. We value the smaller class sizes and the amazing administrators and teachers. We know that there is an emphasis on education and that our children will be encouraged to try new things, grow, and challenge themselves. We also know that our kids will have opportunities at Lisle that they may not have at other larger neighboring schools. We have heard of the referendum that will be on the April 2nd ballot and will not be supporting our taxes to be lowered at the expense of our wonderful staff and curriculum. We hope others consider voting against this passing.  

Becky - Parent of Kids (K-8)

My husband and I lived in Lisle for 40+ years we grew up in Lisle schools some of the same teachers that we had as kids are the same teachers our children have today. When we got married we could have gone anywhere but we chose to stay in Lisle as we wanted our children to go to Lisle school. We like that they had small classrooms and were able to provide the individual attention that each child needs. We did not want our children to grow up in a large school district where they would be just another face in the crowd. The teachers knew us and knew our strengths and our weaknesses and they could give us extra help if we needed it. My husband grew up with a learning disability and was able to get the help that he needed because of all of the support that Lisle provided.  Back then it was a little thing but today it is a very big deal and my children need that extra support and they are flourishing with all the help that they get that these teachers provide. I would be afraid if they did not have the support that they are getting and it is worth it to me to spend extra money To give them the help that they need to become successful in life. If we were to cut the budget and these things disappeared where would the children go for that needed support and what would they do if they didn’t get the help they needed.

It affects all of us as a community, it takes a village to raise these kids don’t make them suffer because you want to save a dollar.  We owe it to them to give them the best education that they deserve

Nina - Parent of Kids (K-8)

I have been a resident of lisle since 2008 I am now raising my children here. A big part of my love for our sweet little town is our amazing schools. I moved several times growing up so I have seen my fair share of schools and lisle has by far the best I've been to. They have created a home for our children within their schools. The sense of community that my family has because of our awesome staff is priceless! The staff at both scheisher and tate woods are exemplary. Everyone has made our family feel welcome and safe and my daughter is thriving in school.  I wish the same for my younger children when they enter the school system.

Julie - Parent of Kids (K-8)

I’m writing to join the voices of many families who are grateful to be part of the Lisle School District community.  From kindergarten registration through 4th grade so far, our family has been impressed over and over again with the Lisle school system. Here is what we love:

  • Excellent Communication with teachers and admins
  • School is a community and it feels like a village full of caring, supporting and knowledgeable education professionals
  • AP opportunities to stretch young minds
  • We share the value of nurturing a well rounded young person: art, PE; music; technology classes are vital for today’s students!!

Lauren - Parent of Kids (K-8)

We love Lisle Schools for many reasons but here are our top few:

  1. Small student to teacher ratio
  2. Many opportunities for students to participate in sports and extra curricular activities due to small size
  3. Teachers and administrators that know our children by name and have personal relationships with our families

Erin - Parent of Kids (K-8 and High School)

I went through the Lisle schools and am blessed to be able to have my children now attending them.

I have one at the Jr High and 2 at the High School.

I couldn’t be more proud of my kids how they have grown though the years in this school system and the support we have received from the teachers and staff at all the schools they attended!

Carrie - Parent of Kids (K-8)

When I first moved to Lisle, I had no idea that the town actually was a part of 4 different school districts. As the years went on and my twin boys approached kindergarten I was so glad that we chose a home that was in the district 202 boundaries. My close mom friends were all in district 203 and 204 and I was astounded to learn that their children all had up to 31 kids in their kindergarten classes. I felt so lucky to be a part of a district that valued small class size. I couldn't have been more impressed with our kindergarten teachers and our first year at Schiesher. As we moved on to Tate Woods, we realized what a special community we were a part of. There is a tremendous amount of social emotional learning that is happening at Tate Woods while never sacrificing the important academics that are equally important. Wesley and the teachers and staff at Tate Woods give the first and second graders the most safe and nurturing learning community imaginable.

This year, I have a first grader and Tate Woods and 2 third graders at Schiesher. The academic rigor at Schiesher has been both challenging and rewarding. My boys are learning at an incredible rate. The third grade teachers have done an amazing job both nurturing and challenging their students. My boys have had opportunities to be leaders and have beamed with pride when recognized for their efforts.

I couldn't be happier to be a part of Lisle district 202

Katie - Parent of Kids (K-8)

I love that the Lisle schools are small, and have small classes, yet provide a wide variety of classes for those with differing interests and abilities. Almost any child in the district can find an extracurricular activity to be involved in, regardless of their athletic, artistic, or intellectual ability.

Sujata - Parent of Kids (K-8)

I decided to move here from Lombard IL , 3.5 years ago , I had the option to move anywhere , to any suburb . I choose Lisle over towns like Naperville and Glen Ellen and the reason is because of the schools. I truly believe that the small class room sizes are very helpful for our young kids. I also took into consideration the advanced placement classes that the high schools offer , although it’s not as much as the bigger school . Weighing out all the parts made me decide to raise my one and only here. Currently she is thriving in the lisle school district . Unfortunately , she has a small physical heath issue that we came across 3 years ago and I’m always so worried about her ,but I know sending her to school is one of the safest places for her. This team , including the nurses , Patti and carol have gone above and beyond to understand her issues, and I feel so safe that they would treat her as their own if something were to happen.  I can explain as a single mom how important these people are to me in helping me raise the most amazing person I know.

Julie - Parent of Kids (K-8)

If it weren’t for the teachers and programs of Lisle 202 my oldest wouldn’t have been able to test in the top 3% on math and 8% on ELA in the state on the parcc test. This program has grown and student like her and her classmates really benefit from it. They need this for the future to keep them challenged.

My other child is at the other spectrum. If it wasn’t for the extra teachers who pop in the classrooms she would be struggling. Thanks to them is at reading level and growing! She needs smaller class sizes because more would make it harder to focus.

We moved to Lisle 14 years ago because of the small town. We’ve stayed because of 202. I can’t imagine my children in any other school district. I’m proud of our schools, the students, teachers and administrators.

Paulina & Grzegorz - Parent of Kids (K-8)

As a bilingual parent I just love the approach and understanding of Lisle schools for me and my kids. My daughter are not feeling misunderstood for sometimes speaking other language and always has a feeling that someone can help them. When my first grader struggled with reading  she quickly finds a helpful person and has some fantastic experience and love her special reading with Mrs.. K. And reading to a dog! She love it! Also she made so much progress.

All the meeting for bilingual parent like last meeting and sharing a customer dish was great idea and I would feel very sad if we lost it for future years.

We love Lisle schools from personnel at school cafeteria and office staff which is fantastic.  Can not wish for better school.

Amber - Parent of Kids (K-8)

Lisle schools are awesome due to the small class sizes, the teacher's individualized care of each student, the fact that they teach their students about kindness and empathy and to look out for others and be inclusive. They are awesome because K-5 is getting a brand new school, which will be excellent for our elementary students to help in their journey of learning with the proper space and technology that they need. They teach kids not only academics, but also about connecting to their feelings, working things out together, and being creative.  This would be impossible with larger class sizes. They have art and music at the younger ages, which my kids LOVE and I love that they learn these types of outlets and come home proud of themselves for something new they finally achieved after working hard on it. They have outside authors come in to talk with kids about writing and how they got where they are. Our administration is hard working, kind and they walk the talk. Overall, the Lisle school district is teaching our kids the important academic things, but also the creative, emotional and social things that are so important and many parents don't have the time to fully teach their kids.  When we moved, we purposely stayed in Lisle for the good school district, my daughter's great connections with the teachers and all that she is learning as mentioned above. Also for the small class sizes so she won't get lost among her peers. My daughter is only in 1st grade and I already have noticed all of this. She has many grades to go. I am counting on the Lisle schools staying the same or better as she rises through the grades and as my youngest enters the district. This is why we chose to stay living in Lisle.

Jill - Parent of Kids (K-8)

I truly appreciate the size of the district. It was a catalyst in us choosing Lisle. The schools in Lisle have brought us a tremendous sense of community.

Every staff person we have encountered has been incredibly kind and invested in our child’s success. Our daughter has shown tremendous growth in her brief time in the district, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for her future in the district

Monica - Parent of Kids (K-8)

Lisle schools are amazing for our family because of the small class sizes and the ability to give individualized attention.

We are lucky to be able to include a variety of talent on our sports teams.

Parents get to know the teachers and vice versa.

We are not in competition with 1,000 other students at our grade level.

Sharon - Parent of Kids (K-8)

small class sizes

- daily access to the LRC

- amazing music and art teachers

- intervention happens quickly when it is needed for math and reading

- the emphasis that is given to social emotional development in the primary grades - you see it in act when you are in the building.  The way the kids truly care and look out for one another.

Christie - Parent of Kids (K-8)

I grew up in Lisle. I made it my mission to get my family back to Lisle once my kids were of school age, mainly because of the amazing schools we have! My husband and I also happen to be educators (I teach 2nd grade and my husband teaches High School Art), so education is a huge priority for us! We believe in what Lisle has to offer and feel so blessed to have the opportunity for our children to attend Lisle schools. We love the smaller class sizes, availability of technology for all students, services and specialty classes offered, and particularly the dedication to the importance of social and emotional growth for young students, which is a skill that will last a lifetime. I only wish that my district offered this for our students. We are truly blessed! Please don’t take away from our future to save a few bucks now. We are thrilled to be a part of the new school next year and look forward to continued success and excellence for students that attend Lisle schools!

Dawn & Will - Parent of Kids (K-8)

Lisle schools are the best! The teachers are amazing and take the time to really get to know each student and take a general interest in making them better people ever day!

The minute their teachers knew my kids were not at their reading and math levels, they were put into groups to help them reach their levels. With this help both of them have excelled to no end! They are confident in their reading now and I can only attribute that to the extra help their teacher were able to get them!

The small classes in lisle are what really drove us to the schools. Knowing that our kids would not just be a number amongst a huge class was key for us.

Our kids also have the opportunity to be in sports and other extra curricular activities due to the smaller population. This is huge compared to the surrounding schools.

Finally, lisle schools raise well rounded, smart and caring students. It’s a big town that still feels small which is really special. Coming from a graduating class of 1200 kids myself, I think the small classes, caring teachers and extra help our kids receive can’t be beat!

Audrey - 1st Grade Student

I really like Art, it is fun. My teacher is very kind. One of my most favorite projects was “the Dot” we made a big circle and then colored it in with all kinds of colors. Art makes me feel happy. My friend Mia loves Art too. I can tell because she smiles the most in art class.

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