What's The Issue and Who is Behind it?

Referendum Language: This is what the referendum question will look like for Lisle 202 voters on the April 2, 2019 ballot

Shall the amount extended for educational purposes by Lisle Community School District be reduced from $19,062,127.15 to $17,155,915.00 for the 2018 levy year, but in no event lower than the amount required to maintain an adequacy target of 110%

The School District's Understanding of the Referendum

  • This is a PERMANENT REDUCTION of approximately $1,200,000 from the school district’s educational budget.

  • If passed, the impact would occur later in 2019 (the school year starting August 2019 - FY2020)

  • If passed, a typical homeowner would see a property tax reduction of about $67 for every $100,000 in market value of their home

  • Lisle 202 has just released their official view on the referendum and that is currently available at the following link: Official Lisle 202 Referendum Information

Who is Behind This Referendum

  • This referendum was authored by a group called Go Refund Me  

  • The referendum appears to be heavily supported by the digital presence of "The Lisle Watchdogs," which is a secretive, completely anonymous, and highly anti-community and anti-government group

  • In the fall of 2018, this group collected ~1,400 signatures on a petition to place the referendum on the April ballot.  However, ~200 of those signatures are invalid due to a number of reasons (e.g., duplicate names, missing signatures, not a registered voter, lives in a different district, etc.)

  • The collection of signatures was primarily driven by the efforts of eight individuals.  These eight individuals collected ~75% of all signatures

    • Ray Sojka - Collected 202 signatures
    • Susan Cassa - Collected 185 signatures (running for School Board in the April Election)
    • Carolyn Bartelli - Collected 150 signatures
    • James Strnad - Collected 140 signatures (running for School Board in the April Election)
    • Michael Rizzio - Collected 107 signatures
    • Geraldine McNellis - Collected 95 signatures
    • Gregg Chalecki - Collected 91 signatures
    • Elizabeth Kennedy - Collected 62 signatures (running for School Board in the April Election)
  • Three of the people that collected signatures: Susan Cassa, James Strnad and Elizabeth Kennedy are also currently running for positions on the School Board

  • The average age of the registered voters that signed the petition is 58.1 years

  • 55% of the valid signatures came from two sub-districts within Lisle (South of Burlington, North of Maple and East and West of Route 53)

    • The group over-indexed in the Oak-Hill area getting 27% of their signatures from an area that only has 16% of Lisle 202's registered voters
    • The group under-indexed in the Meadows area getting just 8% of their signatures from an area that has 20% of Lisle 202's registered voters
  • The group collected signatures from residents while highlighting a number of blatantly false or misleading points.  To learn more about those points please click on this link:  What You May Have Heard


  • The referendum wasn't written with great clarity so there is some ambiguity around permanence and timing of impact.  The School District has a point of view that was informed by the prior DuPage County Clerk
  • The School District is awaiting a letter from the state to fully clarify the impact and how this referendum would be implemented.  Based on that outcome the District's point of view could improve (e.g., single year impact) or worsen (e.g., more rapid implementation)